Commerce is always among the backbone industries of any economy. Nowadays, Vietnam has been integrating in the global economy more widely and deeply, and our economy’s trading activities therefore has become more popular and brought more values not only to domestic but also foreign consumers.
At this time, TNG also operates in commerce field and we are importing natural round logs (also called material timber) from our Malaysian partners. This product is the main input for processed timber and fine art industries in Vietnam, top 4 of wood product exporting countries in the world. TNG sell this product to our domestic partners operating in this field.
In the near future, we always look for commercial opportunities with new partners in both domestic and international territories, especially those manufacturing and distributing telecommunications and technology products.


Inferior wood: suitable for home building, formwork plywood, industrial furniture


Combined superb with inferior wood: suitable for ship buliding, home furniture


Ben wood: Suitable for superior home furniture carpentry


Keranji wood: suitable for home floor usage


Senlunsur wood: Suitable for ship building